Scentry Revive® Odor Control Technology

Live More, Wash Less.

Scentry Revive is a patent-pending technology that’s been proven to neutralize odors and maintain freshness on apparel for up to five consecutive wears between washes. When the treated item is washed, though, the innovative odor-capture technology continues working for up to 50 home launderings. Essentially, Scentry Revive provides protection for the entire functional life of any product that’s been treated with it.

That means apparel isn’t the only beneficiary of the technology. You no longer have to worry about foul smells attached to things like polyester athletic apparel, running shoes, mattress ticking, or bedding either. By neutralizing odors and preventing odors from building up between washes, Scentry Revive increases the useful life of those products just the same. So the fact that you don’t wash them frequently isn’t a problem at all. That’s because Scentry Revive is unlike anything else on the market — and you can smell the difference.

  • Effective — Through scientific and repeatable odor-panel testing, Scentry Revive has proven to neutralize odors for up to 50 washes
  • Affordable — Delivers unparalleled effectiveness at a price point that’s comparable to other odor-capture technologies
  • Unique — The technology is patent-pending and was designed specifically to address consumer and industry needs
  • Compatible — Works on a wide range of polyester fabrics and fits seamlessly into existing dyeing and finishing processes without the need for a binder
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