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Microban has been setting the standard for antimicrobial technologies and odor control solutions since 1984. Discover where our journey began, our visions for the future, and why we continue to be the No.1 innovation partner for leading brands around the world.

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The History of Microban

It all started with a phone call, but how did Microban become the leading innovations company it is today? Take a look at the history of the company to find out how we turned our dreams into a reality.

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Our Vision: Live On™

For over 35 years, Microban has been empowering businesses and consumers to worry less and live more. Learn more about our aspirations for the future.

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A Trustmark Brand

The Microban® brand is viewed as valuable trustmark by consumers and businesses alike. Understand why our logo is recognized globally as a sign of durable and effective product protection.

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Innovation Center

Microban takes product innovation seriously. Our unrivalled technical know-how allows companies worldwide to bring new antimicrobial products and odor control solutions to the marketplace. Discover more about our world-leading laboratories and testing capabilities.

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Microban is committed to sustainability. We work with our partners to deliver antimicrobial and odor control solutions that increase product durability, conserve valuable resources, and minimize environmental impacts.

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Latest News

From the latest innovations in antimicrobial and odor control technologies, to exciting new partner product developments, Microban keeps you up-to-date with our global successes.

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